Rock N Roll 4 IN 6 EX Beginners / AM Horizontal training
Cat Cow 4 IN 6 EX Beginners / AM Horizontal training
Stacked Low Belly 5 IN 5 EX w/2.5-10# weight or bookBeginners Horizontal training
Cadence A 4 IN 4 EX AM / Pre Workout Readiness, conscious breath
Cadence B4 IN 4 H 4 EXAM / Pre WorkoutReadiness, conscious breath
Relaxation4 IN 7 H 8 EX Stress / PM Gain control over body
Pranyama 3 IN 3 H 6 EX 3 HStress / AM / PM Yogic breath “prana” vital force
Tactical2 IN 8 H 4 EXPM Slowed or stopped breathing
Coherent 4 IN 4 H 6 EX 2 H Stress Induces calm
Box or Square4 IN 4 H 4 EX 4 H AM / PM Mental clarity (unbeatable mind)
Superventilation (Wim Hof Method) 1 IN ½ EX 30 - 40x, Max Retention HoldAM / Pre Workout Control immune system, controlled hyperventilation
Apnea 5 IN 20 H 10 EX 3x Per Day Induce readiness, calm
Recovery Breath 5 Mouth:Mouth
5 Nose:Mouth
5 Nose:Nose
Post WorkoutDown Regulate

Breath Measurements

  • BOLT (one-time breath hold)
  • CO2 Retention screen
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Acidity - pH strips
  • Finger pulse oximeter
  • Resting heart rate

BOLT = “Body Oxygen Level Test”

  • Resting for about 10 minutes
  • Take small breath in thru nose then out thru nose - plug your nose and hold your breath
  • Relax into the breath - at first sign of definite desire to breath check time
  • Accurate tool for measuring breath volume
  • Ideal breath score for a healthy individual is about :40
  • Lower the bolt = greater the breathing volume = the more breathlessness you’ll experience during exercise

How it Works

  • Breath hold measures how much CO2 your body is able to tolerate
  • Higher bolt score means you’re able to hold calmer breathing during rest and lighter breathing during exercise
  • Improved tolerance to CO2 means you’re able to achieve higher VO2 Max/performance

Fun facts on the breath…

  • Aging is associated with progressive decline in lung function
  • 20% of the oxygen you breathe is used by your brain
  • Average adult breathes 10-15 times per minute, but during exercise up to 5x as much - that means 40-50 breaths